The Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is guided by a Board of Trustees from across Canada representing leading industry organizations.

The Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is guided by a Board of Trustees from across Canada representing a cross section of leading industry organizations. These include printers, suppliers, schools and associations.

Each of them understands how difficult it can be to recruit bright, skilled and enthusiastic young employees and they believe Canadian Print Scholarships makes a positive difference.

Canadian Print Scholarship students are ideal candidates for a variety of dynamic career paths in graphic communications. Upon graduation, these students bring the skills, energy and ideas we need to keep our industry moving forward.

Ryan Mair

Trustee Focus: Ryan Mair

“The industry is more relevant than ever in the marketplace. That’s why attracting talented young people to the roles that make up this exciting industry is so critical.”
Harold Hoff

Trustee Focus: Harold Hoff

“My focus and purpose as a Trustee of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is to inject young talent and young minds into the graphics industry.”

Trustee Focus: Ken Freek

"In my first days in printing after graduation, my employer set a great example by generously giving back to the industry.”
Leigh Busch

Trustee Focus: Leigh Busch

"I am passionate about our industry and know its future is dependent on our ability to first attract and then train the best and brightest future employees and leaders.”

Trustee Focus: Bob Dale

"The significant contributions made by the supporters of the CPISTF are important for the continued health of the printing industry.”

Trustee Focus: Bruce Bond

“It’s my pleasure to be involved as a Trustee and Donor to support recruiting the brightest and best new talent for our industry.”

Trustee Focus: Mike Collinge

"Helping to bring new talent to our Canadian firms is an important role for our Trustees. Sharing our Canadian industry insights and learning is an honour I carry with pride and passion.”
Rob Young

Trustee Focus: Rob Young

"I have been in print related businesses my entire career and it is important to communicate print’s relevance and opportunity to a new generation of contributors."
Ian Baitz

Trustee Focus: Ian Baitz

“Canadian Print Scholarships serves a critical role in connecting students with industry. It's a great partnership which helps young people and industry alike.”
Natalia Lumby

Trustee Focus: Natalia Lumby

"I'm a proud graduate of the Graphic Communications Management program at TMU. I was also a scholarship recipient and it made a world of a difference."