Student Focus: Annika Wong

As I continue to learn more, I have the CPISTF to thank, as this fund truly allows me to focus on my future and career goals.”

Student Focus: Krysten Ververda

(BCIT 2021)
“I am so incredibly grateful to receive a CPTISF scholarship.”

Student Focus: Sarah Zinck

“I am so thankful to be the recipient of this scholarship. It will help me immensely in continuing my education and in pursuing a successful career in the print industry.”

Warren Wilkins Memorial Scholarship Winner Announced

“We’re excited to announce that Cameron Mady, a first year Ryerson University student, has been selected to receive the $5,000 scholarship for the 2019/2020 academic year” said Jeff Ekstein, Chair of Canadian Print Scholarships.

Ryerson University Awards Night & Launchpad Reception

Canadian Print Scholarships were awarded to 60 students from 1st to 4th year. In addition, an amazing number of awards were handed out for a variety of outstanding academic achievements.

Student Focus: Ryan Le

(MITT 2020) “I think it’s been very interesting. It’s pretty challenging,” Le says, “that’s the part I like about it. I like not having something very easy that I can do right away, the challenges keep me interested.”

Scholarships awarded to 68 students at 5 schools

Canadian Print Scholarships is pleased to announce that 68 new and returning students at 5 schools have been selected to receive national scholarships.

Student Focus: Samantha Stante

(Ryerson 2020) “When I see that a company has supported the CPISTF, it gives me motivation to want to work hard for that specific organization, since they have supported me and my classmates throughout our academic career.”

Student Focus: Matt Lescano

Ryerson (2020) “A big thank you to this scholarship and to the many people who have supported me because I would not be the vibrant person I am today.”

Student Focus: Karen Trinh

“I cannot wait to see where my future is headed and all the possibilities I have yet to encounter.”