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Willow Printing Group Logo

Donor Focus: Willow Printing Group

There are lots of great careers in the graphic communications industry. Thank you, Willow Printing Group for donating and helping us to spread the word.

Recognizing Donors

Our donors have made a significant commitment to support us. We use all of our resources to help promote their brand to the next generation and to the industry.

School Focus: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Come here to develop practical, hands-on skills in electronic file management, industry-standard software applications, and print management, production, and administration.
Battlefield Press Logo

Donor Focus: Battlefield Press

Canadian Print Scholarships is funded entirely by the graphic communications industry. Thank you Battlefield Press for being part of our community.

Creating Connections

A successful career in graphic communications often begins by creating connections between employers and students prior to graduation. We help this to happen.
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Donor Focus: Webconvert Ltd.

Donors like Webconvert Ltd. help attract talent to the graphic communications industry. Thank you for your support.