Packaging Essentials – Course 1

Introduction to Packaging, Food Preservation, Packaging Development, Quality Assurance, Prepress Processes, Print Processes, Graphic Design

In this course you will learn correct terminology, basic packaging functions and design considerations. Requirements and methods for food preservation are explored as well as choices of printing methods, visual perceptions and prepress procedures.

Learning objectives:

• Broad perspective on the function of packaging
• Food preservation challenges and techniques to control hazards
• Packaging development and common failures
• Common quality assurance systems
• Terminology of the elements of packaging and types of packaging processes
• Factors in colour perception
• Prepress and printing options
• Bar code printing and scanning requirements

Who should attend?

• Everyone wishing to enhance their understanding of Consumer Goods Packaging
• Professionals in the areas of Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Packaging, Design and Production
• Employees changing fields in packaging
• Employees new to the packaging industry
• Basics of graphic design

Color Ready!

Virtual Conference Week | September 21-25, 2020 | 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Daily

Get Color Ready!

In a perfect world, the color you print for your customers is always accurate, and they’re always completely delighted with the final product. In reality, we know that this isn’t always the case. Getting control over color, setting the right expectations, and producing repeatable, predictable color results is a challenge. The final printed product is influenced by many factors–from perception to communication to production variables and more!

The PRINTING United Alliance Color Ready! event will give anyone involved in the color printing supply chain a convenient, powerful, and practical learning experience. You’ll get valuable and actionable ideas and techniques that will help you get better control over the color you print.

You Will Learn…
The behavioral and technical variables that impact color reproduction
How to reduce time- and profit-sucking color communication errors
The no-nonsense approach to assessing and correcting color images
How to get the right color from the native application to PDF
How to manage custom and spot colors reliably

Who Should Attend
Anyone involved with color throughout the lifecycle of a printed job
Salespeople and CSRs who want a better understanding of color to improve communication with their internal and external customers
Designers who want to communicate color more effectively with their printers/customers and produce outstanding color
Prepress professionals who want a deeper understanding of color theory, correction, and reproduction

Color Ready! 2020 will be presented in five one-hour sessions over five days via GoToWebinar, an easy-to-use web conferencing platform. Attendees can participate from the comfort of their office, using their computer or tablet to watch presentation content and listen via their phone or computer speakers. Throughout the interactive event–attendees can ask questions and receive answers throughout. Specific login instructions will be provided upon registration.

PAC Summit – The Future of Global Packaging

PAC Summit 2020 will be hosted at the elegant Queen’s Landing Hotel in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.

Take part in the PAC Summit Golf Tournament on September 15, 2020 at the beautiful Whirlpool Golf Course and kick off your Summit experience with a beautiful day of networking on the greens.

Registration information to follow.

I’m Not Trash: Designing Inks & Coatings for a Sustainable Future

Packaging sustainability has become an increasingly important issue in recent years around the world. As heightened awareness of the human impact on the environment has evolved, consumers have become increasingly concerned about packaging and its role in waste and pollution. Today they, along with governments, NGOs and the industry in general, are seeking ways to achieve a more circular economy.

As a result, brands and their supply chains are investing in new and innovative ways to meet the challenge of developing sustainable packaging solutions that meet the needs of society and the environment, today and into the future—transforming “trash” into the goods of tomorrow!

In this important and innovative webinar, attendees will be presented with two topics that will address inks and coatings developed to support circular economies: designing for the people and designing for the planet.

Elevate Print Conference

Virtual Sessions each day – September 25, 26 and 27

Are you ready to take print marketing, print sales, print applications and the print industry to the next level?

Join us for three days of FREE sessions and special events designed to help you elevate your business and customer relationships.

Please register for each day, and don’t worry if life takes over… We will send replay links to everyone who registers! Watch these amazing sessions on your own time.


10:00 AM ET – What’s Next
Ideas and intel for planning your pandemic print prospecting and new business development presented by Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse, Founder of Project Peacock.

11:00 AM ET – Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda been at drupa 2020…
A comprehensive technology overview of new industry offerings and how they can enhance, transform and help your print business with industry analyst David Zwang, Principal Zwang & Co.

12:00 PM ET – Restarting Your Print Business
A conversation about innovation and thinking like a start-up to revitalize your business, and expand your opportunities.

Panelists: Helene Blanchette, President, MyJane and Shuchi Sarkar, CMO, Pure Isolates

Moderator: Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr

1:00 PM ET – Direct Mail Programs and Postal Promo’s
The mail box has become the epicenter for education, customer retention and customer loyalty. Broader advertising will return and print customers will rely on their print partners to deliver opportunities and cost savings. Learn how to prepare and take advantage of the ‘mail marketing moment’ with Christine Erna, Strategic Postal Advisors and Erica Switzer, DirectMail2.0.

2:00 PM ET – Print Samples That Sell
Creating a business result from self-promotion shouldn’t be left to chance. Learn how to generate ROI through new customers with Pat McGrew, Principal at McGrew Group, host of Print Sample TV.


10:00 AM ET – Missing Link
Whether you decide to work with partners, join an established network or create an in-house service, bridging the gap between print media and digital media is a growth opportunity for printers that can no longer be disregarded as something someone else does. Learn how to start generating new business for yourself and your customers with Kelly Mandarano, Sprout Growth Services, Rob Finnie, Nettl and Siobhan Daukes, Sales Impact Academy.

11:00 AM ET – Marketing in the “Next Normal”
Consumer behaviors and preferences have taken some wild twists and turns this year, but 2020 isn’t over yet. In this session, Lily Harder, Sr. Director of Marketing Strategy at Comperemedia, will explore the latest research into what consumers want and why, and how you can utilize this data to increase loyalty and improve your own marketing efforts.

12:00 PM ET – Cultivating Collaboration and Trust
The future is not a noun, it’s a verb… something we actively create.

This presentation will focus on human potential and achievement… because technology is not the answer to everything. Technology is just one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin we find Creativity, a human quality that exists in every single one of us. If you want to increase your chances of success, collaboration is the key. And while this might sound easy, it’s not. Most collaborations fail. The problem can be boiled down to a couple of critical points. One of them is about diversity. Another is about trust.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from the brilliant and transformative Tobias Degsell, Founder of Combiner, former Curator of the Nobel Prize Museum.

1:00 PM ET – Meet The Press
Part 1
Quick overview of new presses, products and services that have recently launched with Dawn Nye, Konica Minolta, Nancy Pappas, Xeikon.

2:00 PM ET – Delivering The Goods
COVID has negatively impacted many segments of printing while simultaneously creating growth and opportunity in packaging. Will it last? What short, and long-term trends can we prepare for? A conversation about packaging in a pandemic and beyond with Adam Peek, Fortis Solutions Group, Kirk Visola, Mind The Font and Jo Stephensen, PHD Marketing & Strategy.


10:00 AM ET – Alexa… Find me a Print Shop
Contactless, touchless, hands-free. COVID has sped up the adaption of voice-first searches through Alexa, Siri, OK Google and more. Can you be found through a voice-prompt? What information is known about your business. Learn about voice-first technology and the impact it will have on SEO and marketing for print shops with Bradley Metrock, Score Publishing, host of “This Week In Voice” podcast.

11:00 AM ET – Meet The Presses
Part 2
Quick overview of new presses, products and services that have recently launched with Lisa Weese, Canon Solutions America and Candyce Holcomb, HP.

12:00 PM ET – Creating a Future for Print
Black Lives Matter has brought diversity and inclusion to the forefront of conversation in communities, corporations and classrooms. This panel discussion will cover how to objectively look at your business for inclusion improvements, and how to actively participate in creating a diverse and sustainable future for the print industry.

Panelists: John Visentin, Vice-Chairman & CEO at Xerox, Joe Lindfelt, Division President at DG3 – Diversified Global Graphics Group and Paul Nowak, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at QUAD

Moderator: Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr

1:00 PM ET – How to Become the MVP of Any Print Customers’ Team
Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr and Trish Witkowski, share their intel, ideas and inspiration to help printers get off the bench and become Most Valuable Partner’s for their customers.

2:00 PM ET – Print and the Revolution
Creating an inclusive print industry that can attract young talent and bring new perspective to sales and marketing is how we ensure our career relevance and viability. The journey starts with a single-step. Begin yours by attending this discussion with Vanecia Carr, Domtar Paper, Leiman Chan, Nonstop Printing, and Josh Montcastle, Konica Minolta.

printTHINK Technical Webinar Series – Tooling

TLMI announces that the association will be holding a series of technical webinars featuring supplier member experts who will be taking attendees through different aspects of the label-printing production process.

The printTHINK Series, an extension of the association’s printTHINK technical forum, will kick off on June 23, 2020 and every two weeks thereafter TLMI members will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in areas including tapes, inks, substrates/materials, tooling, automation and digital print advancements.

All supplier member participants are 2020 Platinum and Gold Sponsors of the association.

Retail’s Triple Threat: Leveraging Optichannel Marketing to Enhance Customer Experience

First-rate retailers understand the importance of being where the customer is, and how to engage with them at the right moment. Leveraging channels such as brick and mortar, e-commerce, and catalog, these retailers stand out among their competitors and deliver memorable customer experiences.

In this webinar, experts will be discussing:

How including a catalog as a customer touchpoint increases engagement
Insights into trends seen throughout successful optichannel retail campaigns
What is working best to enhance the retail customer experience across e-commerce and brick and mortar

Navigating the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

As a Canadian employer that has been affected by COVID-19, the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) may enable you to re-hire or keep your workers, and put you in a better position to resume operations in the months to come. However, determining eligibility and understanding the nuances of the subsidy to avoid government penalties if your application is later deemed invalid, can create a high level of stress and uncertainty.

Join professionals from KPMG in Canada as they discuss the common issues and challenges of the subsidy program, along with guidance on recent legislative changes.

The webcast will cover:

Employer and employee eligibility requirements;
Recent significant amendments;
Adjustments to the required revenue decline threshold;
Considerations for adjustments to qualifying revenue;
Paymaster issue;
Maximizing claim potential for employees with retroactive recall;
Reporting subsidy claims on employee’s 2020 T4s.

Featured Speaker:
Barry Travers, Partner, National Tax, KPMG LLP

FTA Membernar: Solve the Ink Equation by Slaying the Three-Headed Monster of Inefficient Print

Join Adam Bland of Quantum Ink Co as he opens our eyes to the “Three-Headed Monster of Inefficient Print” and how we can use ink as a tool to slay the beast.

Adam will dive into what he has deemed the “Ink Equation.” This is a simple way to connect the dots and variables of flexographic printing to the ink formulator for optimal assistance in the overall process of printing quality and efficiently.

He will cover in depth the unique specifics of ink, such as polymeric structure, pigment selection, additives and how each component contributes to overall performance. During the explanation of ink components, he will take a close look at the on-press variables related to ink that matter most. These include drying speed, color accuracy and re-wettability, along with end product requirements tying all this together to the Ink Equation.

Lastly, Adam will conclude by connecting all things to what has been deemed the Exponential Theory of 98/2, your numbers and how they are directly affected by ink performance.