Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Students

With support from industry, Canadian Print Scholarships has provided scholarships to hundreds of graphic communications students. The financial support helps cover the high cost of a college or university education. Upon graduation, these young people will bring the skills, energy, and ideas we need to keep our industry moving forward.

“I cannot wait to see where my future is headed and all the possibilities I have yet to encounter.”

“I love every aspect of the industry and am truly fascinated by the entire process, from the conception of design to receiving the finished product”

“I am so thankful to be the recipient of this scholarship. It will help me immensely in continuing my education and in pursuing a successful career in the print industry.”

“An enormous thank you to the generous donors for showing their amazing support towards the printing industry and the students who are wishing to be a part of it in the future.”

“As I continue to learn more, I have the CPISTF to thank, as this fund truly allows me to focus on my future and career goals.”

“Receiving this scholarship has encouraged me to work harder in my studies and has given me the chance to connect with the print industry and its professionals.”

“The support students receive from the printing industry is unmatched and it is one of the reasons I look forward to post grad. I have always been driven to do well in my studies and by receiving this scholarship each year, it has encouraged me further to strive to be that much better.”

“I would like to thank the Canadian Print Scholarships and their generosity and endless support that they provide for students in the Graphic Arts across Canada.”

“I have always loved art, design, and creative projects in general. However, a couple of years ago, I was introduced to the technologies that make these endeavors possible. I have been in love with print technology ever since.”