Student Focus: Sarah Zinck

  • Sarah Zinck

    Nova Scotia Community College (Class of 2021)

Sarah Zinck is a first-year student in Graphic & Print Production at the Ivany Campus of Nova Scotia Community College (Class of 2021). She is a Canadian Print Scholarships recipient.

Sarah completed the Applied Media and Communications Arts Program last year at NSCC. She studied a variety of potential career paths, and it opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in printing. As Sarah’s print production class progressed throughout the year, she got to work on projects in the print shop. She enjoyed seeing all the machines in action and getting to use them. That’s why Sarah decided to continue her education at NSCC to learn more about the printing industry.

In Sarah’s own words:

“I am so thankful to be the recipient of this scholarship. It will help me immensely in continuing my education and in pursuing a successful career in the print industry. Trying to maintain my grades and devote the necessary time to my education was sometimes a struggle. I was working so many hours at a part-time job to help finance my education. It was stressful trying to balance work and school throughout the year. That is the reason I am so grateful for this scholarship because it will give me the freedom to work fewer hours. Therefore I can devote my time to my education and to enjoying college. I want to say thank you so much to the donor for helping to support my education.”

The mission of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is to attract the brightest and best students available to the graphic communications industry by providing financial assistance to enroll and continue in a post-secondary management or technical program at an approved institution.