Student Focus: Lara Capistrano

“Hello! My name is Lara Denise Capistrano and I am a fourth-year in the Graphic Communications Management (GCM) program at Ryerson University. I am working towards a concentration in Digital Graphic Output and a double minor in Communication & Design along with Marketing. This program has truly opened my eyes, allowing me to gain industry-level knowledge through networking and the internship course I had in my third year.

What is amazing about the program is its amazing blend of printing technologies, creative principles, and management background. To add, the industry is innovative and ever-changing, making it exciting and never stagnant! The number of friendships and connections built during these past couple of years has been amazing as well.

I would love to extend my sincerest gratitude to Canadian Print Scholarships who have been supporting my academic journey for the past four years. Thank you to all the donors. It is an honour to be one of the students to be accommodated through the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship. It has been an immense help, allowing students like myself to optimize my time and overall experience at Ryerson University.”

Lara Capistrano, Ryerson University, Class of 2022

“The mission of Canadian Print Scholarships is to attract the brightest and best students available to the graphic communications industry by providing financial assistance to enroll and continue in a post-secondary management or technical program at an approved institution.”

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