Joanne Liao

Student Focus: Joanne Liao

“Hi there, my name is Joanne Liao! I am a student at Ryerson University, and my program is GCM (Graphic Communications Management).

First and foremost, I want to give an enormous and heartfelt thank-you to our donors for lending their support to me through the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship. It is truly an honour to be a part of this community.

Ever since I was in kindergarten, I knew that I wanted to grow up to follow a career that was art-inclined. One concept which I was always curious about was print, often thinking, “How do pictures and colours get put onto things like t-shirts or paper?” I grew fascinated with the different textures and forms of print, from books and newspapers, to backpacks and even socks.

Now, thanks to my time spent in GCM, I am finally able to grasp a more tangible understanding of not only the origins of print, but other factors of the industry as well (ex: how to use the critical design tools of Adobe Creative Cloud). I hope to keep growing and ever-learning more about the world of graphic design as my journey into GCM continues.

To conclude, thank you all once again for all your support. It means so much.”

Joanne Liao, Ryerson University, Class of 2025

“The mission of Canadian Print Scholarships is to attract the brightest and best students available to the graphic communications industry by providing financial assistance to enroll and continue in a post-secondary management or technical program at an approved institution.”

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