Celeste Gauthier

Student Focus: Celeste Gauthier

“My name is Celeste Gauthier, and I am a student at Ryerson University’s Graphics Communication Management program (Canada’s only degree-granting program for printing!).

An enormous thank you to the generous donors for showing their amazing support towards the printing industry and the students who are wishing to be a part of it in the future.

I have always loved graphic design and how print (particularly in the Graphic Communications industry) can have such a huge impact on today’s society in ways we don’t even realise (and vise versa!). I love how niche the programs at Ryerson are; they truly allow you to fully experience what life will be like post-graduation in catering towards a specific range of students.

I am a very competitive student athlete in the sport of curling, and scholarships such as these help me focus on my sport, and assist me in maintaining a high level of academic success in the area of printing and Graphics Communication.”

Celeste Gauthier, Ryerson University, Class of 2024

“The mission of Canadian Print Scholarships is to attract the brightest and best students available to the graphic communications industry by providing financial assistance to enroll and continue in a post-secondary management or technical program at an approved institution.”

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