Approved Schools & Programs

Canadian Print Scholarships has approved schools and programs right across Canada. We aim to support students in as many graphics communications programs as possible.

Scholarship Partner Schools & Programs

These schools will contact students who are offered scholarships. There is no need to apply to Canadian Print Scholarships.

British Columbia Institute of Technology
Graphic Communications Technology

In BCIT’s Graphic Communications Technology Management diploma program, students learn to design and produce marketing materials such as posters, large format signage, labels, brochures, books, and other finished products. They learn the latest graphic design software, business processes, art direction, production management, and how to operate high-tech imaging and finishing technologies to prepare them for modern careers in imaging technology.

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology
Graphic and Print Technician

With the MITT Graphic and Print Technician program, students learn the entire process of printing production from design and pre-press, through to printing and post press finishing operations. They receive a balance of solid theoretical background, valuable production skills and the appropriate work attitudes to prepare them for opportunities in the design and printing industry. Best of all, at MITT we have the latest state-of-the-art digital press to learn and work with.

Ryerson University
Graphic Communications Management

Our world is a visual one. Every day we come into contact with hundreds of printed and graphic products — from giant billboards, to sleek interactive websites and unique packaging carrying the coffee you’re drinking or the smartphone you just bought.

Technology continues to change the way we receive and process information, and the printing industries have been at the forefront of this revolution — whether its 3D printing, packaging design or developing creative solutions to business needs. With a degree in graphic communications management, graduates are ready to lead the next wave in changing how we interact with products and packaging.

Collège Ahuntsic 
Printing Techniques Program
Premedia Infographic Program

Collège Ahuntsic is more than a place of study: it is a stimulating, enriching and lively environment, like its community. Our success and strength is based on a unique blend of rigor, knowledge, tradition, experience, sharing and fun. Discover the four major vectors of our DNA!

Nova Scotia Community College
Graphic & Print Production

Print is an exciting and evolving industry that challenges you – creatively and technically. All printed material goes through a number of production steps. From the logistics of the job to its shipment to the client, the expertise and ability of the Graphic and Print Production specialist is critical to the success of a project.

In this Nova Scotia Community College program, you learn current software applications used in advertising, design, publishing and the printing industries. You develop a comprehensive knowledge of the interaction of printing devices as they relate to pre-press, paper, toner, ink, vinyl signage and finishing technologies.

In addition, the skills gained enable you to troubleshoot problems to ensure finished products meet industry standards.

Additional Approved Schools & Programs

Students apply to Canadian Print Scholarships using our Downloadable Scholarship Application or On-line Scholarship Application.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Graphic Communications and Print Technology

If you’ve ever picked up a print publication, visited a website, admired a logo or looked at an advertisement, then you are already familiar with some of the end products of the digital graphics industry. The Graphic Communications and Print Technology program at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is designed to prepare you for a career in these exciting fields. You acquire industry-specific skills in electronic file management, print management and production, print administration, estimating, printing service coordination that ensure your success in the industry.

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Graphic Communications

Look around you – virtually every printed, silk screened and digitally-rendered display you see every day has moved through the hands of a graphic communications professional.

NAIT’s intensive 1-year Graphic Communications certificate program will prepare you for entry into the creative and rapidly evolving digital, print and publishing industry.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Graphic Communications

Graphics Communications is a two-year diploma program offered full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina campus. Come here to develop practical, hands-on skills in electronic file management, industry-standard software applications, and print management, production, and administration.