Our Scholarships

Each year, the Board of Trustees approves scholarships for as many qualified students as the Fund’s budget will allow. This number is made up of both successful new applicants and continuing students who meet academic requirements.

The value of each annual scholarship is $1,500. Students exhibiting a high level of talent are eligible for a Warren Wilkins Memorial Scholarship with a value of $5,000.

The funding of scholarships comes entirely from donations. Providing scholarships strictly from the interest earned on invested capital has always been a primary objective of the Fund.

The support of donors contributes to the ability of the Fund to provide financial assistance to students in their course of study in the graphic arts.

No doubt these young people, armed with the managerial and technical skills from their course of study, will be a key element in helping the industry adapt to the rapidly evolving world of print communications.

“It makes good business sense to help the brightest and best graphic communications students achieve their scholastic goals.”
Canadian Print Scholarships Board of Trustees


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