The application deadline for this year is FRIDAY, JULY 6TH, 2018.


Each year, the Board of Trustees approves scholarships for as many students as the Fund’s budget will allow. This number is made up of both successful new applicants and continuing students whose academic standing qualify them to continue receiving scholarship funding. The value of each annual scholarship is $1500.

Funding of Scholarship Awards

The funding of scholarships comes entirely from DONATIONS and to provide scholarships strictly from the interest earned on invested capital has always been a primary objective of the Fund. Given the decline in interest rates, this objective has become increasingly difficult to achieve.

The generous support of donors contributes to the ability of the Fund to provide financial assistance to students in their course of study in the graphic arts. No doubt these young people, armed with the managerial and technical skills from their course of study, will be a key element in helping the industry adapt to the rapidly evolving world of print communications. As the Board of Trustees has stated in its written communications:

“We are committed to the premise that it makes good business sense to help the brightest and best students achieve their scholastic goals.”

Disbursement of Scholarships

Scholarship funds are provided to the Registrar of the appropriate school to be applied to the cost of tuition on behalf of new applicants who have successfully completed the screening process, or students already in the scholarship program who have maintained the required academic standard. Half of the scholarship amount is provided, in this manner, at the beginning of each semester of the school year. Under no circumstances are these moneys made available directly to qualifying students.

Goal of $1,000,000

Since the establishment of the Fund, more than $1 million in industry donations has been raised. Despite the aforementioned 500 scholarships that have been disbursed, the endowment of CPISTF currently sits in excess of $944,000.

Whether creating a perpetual scholarship, adopting a student in a four year commitment or pledging what you can, your contribution today is an investment in the future of our industry.

There is no question that we require a workforce with the academic, managerial and technical skills which will ensure prosperity in the next century. It only makes business sense to help the brightest and best students achieve their scholastic goals for the betterment of our industry.

The Board of Trustees of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund earnestly requests that you give serious consideration to making a donation not only to the Fund, but also to the future of the Canadian printing industry. The Trustees sincerely thank the supporters for their past contributions and request their continued generosity. All donations are acknowledged in writing and a charitable donation receipt is provided for income tax purposes.

Apply for a Print Scholarship

Click the following link to learn how you can apply for a print scholarship.

The CPISTF provided a strong financial basis allowing me to maintain focus on my educational goals instead of worrying about external factors such as tuition. The support provided the necessary motivation to continue progressing and improving my educational status thus making me a better student.

Daniel Langsford

The CPISTF made me a better student and I was able to secure a 2nd year internship from the printing company that interviewed me when I was in Grade 12. These opportunities only strengthened my resume when it came to my 3rd year internship and later, with full-time career options.

Veronica Annis

The scholarship allowed me to focus on my education and to challenge myself to do my best in a field I am passionate about by constantly dreaming of new projects to create.

Anita Wong