Scholarship Focus: Agnes Pham

  • Agnes Pham

    BCIT, Class of 2022

    Agnes Pham

“My name is Agnes Pham and I’m currently a first-year student of the Graphic Communications Technology Management program at BCIT. In September last year, I was honored to know that I was given the opportunity to be the recipients of the Dick Blockberger In Memoriam Scholarship. This has helped me have a closer look at the industry and served as my motivation to keep moving forward to pursue my passion.

Not only was he one of the leaders in the printing business, but until now Dick Blockberger is also recognized as an icon of the industry. During his career, he represented a wide range of management roles (President & CEO of Broadway Printers; Director of the BCPIA and Canadian Graphic Arts Association; Director & Chairman of the CPIA) and was involved in many areas of the industry. The Printed in Canada Award was an endowment initiated in 2004 to inspire people with his firm belief that all print purchases in every field of endeavour should be “Printed in Canada”.

It is heartening to know that I am involved in a program that is well supported by the industry, as well as having many chances to learn and work in the future. Once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity.”

The mission of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is to attract the brightest and best students available to the graphic communications industry by providing financial assistance to enroll and continue in a post-secondary management or technical program at an approved institution.