Our industry needs talented young people. With support from our industry, we help many of them with the cost of their education. Please donate on-line today.

We are a community of employers,
students, educators, associations, and
others in the print and graphic
communications industry.

We are focused on attracting talent to print and
creating connections that support success.

We support students in graphic communications programs at 8 schools across Canada.

Our Schools

Learn about studying graphic communications in schools across Canada.

Each year, over 90 students in all years of study are awarded a Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship.

Our Students

Meet the young people studying with a Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship.

Over $135,000 is distributed annually to Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship recipients.

Our Scholarship

Find out about the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship.

A growing number of leading printers, suppliers, associations and other organizations donate to the fund each year.

Our Donors

Meet some exceptional graphic communications companies.

Giving Back

We rely on the generosity of successful industry leaders. They have decided that giving back to the graphic communications industry is an important priority.

Creating Connections

A successful career in graphic communications often begins by creating connections between employers and students prior to graduation. We help this to happen.

Supporting Study

By supporting study with the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship, we help young people learn about our dynamic, exciting graphic communications industry.