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I am deeply appreciative of the support I received from the CPISTF and the printing companies for the past two years while I was at BCIT completing my Graphic Communications Technology Management program. The scholarship allowed me to focus on my education and to challenge myself to do my best in a field I am passionate about by constantly dreaming of new projects to create.

Anita Wong

The CPISTF provided a strong financial basis allowing me to maintain focus on my educational goals instead of worrying about external factors such as tuition. The support provided the necessary motivation to continue progressing and improving my educational status thus making me a better student.

Daniel Langsford

The CPISTF made me a better student and I was able to secure a 2nd year internship from the printing company that interviewed me when I was in Grade 12. These opportunities only strengthened my resume when it came to my 3rd year internship and later, with full-time career options.

Veronica Annis