Mackenzie Graham

Student Focus: Mackenzie Graham

Mackenzie Graham is a scholarship student graduating in 2021.
Macy Santos

Student Focus: Macy Santos

Macy Santos is a scholarship student graduating in 2022.
Celeste Gauthier

Student Focus: Celeste Gauthier

Celeste Gauthier is a scholarship student graduating in 2024.

Student Focus: Julianna Bellamy

“Through this program I have come to realize how essential print is to everything we do today. I hope to one day join my fellow innovators at the cutting-edge of industry advancements.”

Student Focus: Ben Timmons

“This award gives me motivation to keep going and to try harder now that my value has been recognized. I will not let anyone down and will keep going forward.”

Student Focus: Brian Du

“The hands-on experience and education my program has given me make me feel prepared for what this industry has in store.”

Student Focus: Hasan Uzun

“I am very thankful to all the donors for this amazing scholarship and I greatly appreciate the thought of helping students in the printing industry continue their studies.”

Student Focus: Mya Leggo

“With this scholarship I can focus more on my education and a little bit less on the stress of financing education.”

Student Focus: Joanna Dai

“I believe the printing industry allows for so many different paths and I am excited to learn about the thrills of the industry and much more!”

Student Focus: Louisa Leung

“I am incredibly happy and thankful to be a recipient of the scholarship. It helps me to get closer to my dream career in the printing industry.”