Board of Trustees

The Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is guided by a Board of Trustees from across Canada representing a cross section of leading industry organizations. These include printers, suppliers, schools and associations.

Each of them understands how difficult it can be to recruit bright, skilled and enthusiastic young employees and they believe Canadian Print Scholarships makes a positive difference.

Canadian Print Scholarship students are ideal candidates for a variety of dynamic career paths in graphic communications. Upon graduation, these students bring the skills, energy and ideas we need to keep our industry moving forward.


Jeff Ekstein, Chair

President, Willow Printing Group

“My belief is that if you take out you must give back. My family has made a living in this industry for three generations. The brightest & best young people are the future of our industry. We must invest in them if we plan to be here long term. Being involved with Canadian Print Scholarships is a way to ensure our future for generations to come.”

Mike Collinge, Vice-Chair

Executive Vice-President, New Business & Strategy, Marquis Book Printing Inc.

“Global communications & our industry requirements are constantly changing. Helping to bring new talent to our Canadian firms is an important role for our Trustees. Sharing our Canadian industry insights and learning is an honour I carry with pride and passion.”

Sean Murray, Treasurer

President, Advocate Printing & Publishing


Bruce Bond

President, Frank’s Maintenance Products Inc.

“I have had the benefit of a 35 year career supporting the Printing Industry in Canada and the United States and continue to be involved as a Trustee and Donor to support recruiting the brightest and best new talent for future sustainable growth of the industry.”

Leigh Busch

Director of Operations, Canadian Bank Note

“I am passionate about our industry and know its future is dependant on our ability to first attract and then train the best and brightest future employees and leaders. Given this fact, I’m delighted to be serving as a trustee on the board of a scholarship fund that is focused on assisting the future talent base of our industry receive the education that they need!”

Bob Dale

Vice-President, Connecting For Results

“The significant contributions made by the supporters of the CPISTF are important for the continued health of the printing industry. This is achieved by encouraging today’s youth to start a career in the printing industry, and scholarships from this fund helps to enable students to share this great journey with us. I wanted to use my experience in the printing industry as well as experience in the corporate world to continue to give back to support others. As a young entrepreneur recently said, LEARN, EARN AND RETURN!”

Ken Freek

Executive Director, Outreach & Partner Relations, Canadian Print Scholarships

“In my first days in printing after graduation, my employer set a great example by generously giving back to the industry. I’m happy to continue that tradition by working with Canadian Print Scholarships.”

Harold Hoff

Vice-President, Heidelberg Canada

“The graphics industry is one of constant change. The paradigm shift in technology is changing more rapidly than ever before and this is very prevalent in our industry.

Unfortunately the skill sets in the current market place are not keeping up with these technology changes. As leaders in this industry, we must focus on bringing in new young talent that can easily adapt to industry transformations and provide new skill sets that will allow technology to strengthen the future of our industry.

My main focus and purpose as a Trustee of the Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship Trust Fund is to inject young talent and young minds into the graphics industry. Without doing so, our industry will become paralyzed and stagnant with an uncertain future.”

Ryan Mair

National Director of Sales & Operations, Staples

“The graphic communications industry is rapidly changing to meet the needs of consumers & businesses of all sizes. The industry is more relevant than ever in a marketplace that is grappling with a seismic shift in norms. That’s why attracting talented young people to the roles that make up this exciting industry is so critical. The mission of Canadian Print Scholarships is well aligned to this purpose and I’m excited to work alongside this team of industry leaders to achieve its goals”

Greg Platt

Vice-President, Graphics & Prepress, Master Packaging Inc.

“I serve as a Board Trustee as a way to give back to the industry that has afforded me a career full of opportunity.  The print industry is large geographically and multifaceted however smaller when it comes to awareness of programs and available assistance.  My goal is to support and nurture the industry through my efforts as a Board Trustee.”

Gunther Sturhahn

“As a Trustee, I have the opportunity to share my creative energy in a productive manner for a cause that is meaningful to me. I can build valuable relationships with fellow Trustees by working together with them.”

Cory Turner

President, Spicers

“Spicers is a proud donor of Canadian Print Scholarships recognizing that its impact in terms of attracting top talent to the industry will assure it’s sustainability and success for years to come.”

Renée Yardley

Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Rolland Enterprises Inc.

“I believe passionately in giving back and making a difference. By serving as a trustee, I want to give back to an industry that has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities. As we help to recruit talented individuals to the industry, I hope that these individuals go on to dynamic careers ensuring the industry’s success and continuity.”

Rob Young

President, Packaging Division, Supremex Inc.

“I have been in print related businesses my entire career and it is important to communicate print’s relevance and opportunity to a new generation of contributors.”


Ian Baitz

Associate Professor, GCM, Ryerson University

“The Canadian Print Scholarships serves a critical role in connecting students with industry, so that students can be supported, assisted and mentored throughout their studies. Students benefit from the generous support they receive from industry, and companies benefit from how the organization encourages the best and brightest new entrants into our industry. It’s a great partnership which helps young people and industry alike, and it’s a pleasure to be part of this success story.”

Wayne Collins

Program Head, GTEC, British Columbia Institute of Technology

“Serving on the Board of Trustees for the Canadian Scholarship Trust Fund has given me a national perspective on the Graphics Industry our program at BCIT serves. I am acutely aware of the challenges we face in our BC community in attracting young people to our Industry. Serving on this Board has made me aware of the challenges every business across Canada faces on that front. The CPISTF has always been a positive, proactive group of business people tackling those issues with initiatives I want to contribute to.”

Jason Lisi

Chair, GCM, Ryerson University

“I am honoured to serve on the board of the CPISTF. I am passionate about this amazing industry and I truly believe in the mandate of the CPISTF to attract young talented people to the industry. These students are the future, and I am grateful to be able to volunteer my time alongside a group of passionate and dedicated peers. The CPISTF scholarship makes such a difference to students, and that in turn makes me feel really good about what we do.”