Sean Murray

Donor Focus: Sean Murray

Thank you Sean Murray. Support from donors like Sean are making a difference to the Don Gain In Memoriam Scholarship Campaign. Become a donor today.

Find Out What Is Happening

Find out what's happening in the print, packaging, and signage industry on our News page.

Launching Products and Services

Some of our donors host industry events to provide knowledge and to facilitate conversations. Check out our Events page to see what they are up to.

Giving Back by Donating

Looking for a way to give back to the graphic communications industry? Consider a donation to Canadian Print Scholarships.
Emma Scott

Student Focus: Emma Scott

We’re proud of scholarship students like Emma Scott. After graduation in 2023, they’ll pursue a challenging career in graphic communications.

Supporting Study

The Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship supports study by students in our approved graphic communications programs.
Encouraging Ownership

Encouraging Ownership

From HR Daily Advisor
Companies shouldn’t take it for granted that their employees know what ownership means and how important it is to the organization.
Ian Baitz

Trustee Focus: Ian Baitz

Say hello to Ian Baitz, Ex-Officio Member of the Board. Along with our other volunteer Trustees, they are committed to attracting talent to our industry.
Richard Kouwenhoven

Donor Focus: Richard Kouwenhoven

How important is it to support study in graphic communications? Just ask Richard Kouwenhoven. Richard donated to the Don Gain In Memoriam Scholarship Campaign. Thank you. You can too.
CJ Graphics Logo

Donor Focus: CJ Graphics

We know the importance of creating connections between employers and students studying for careers in our industry. Thank you CJ Graphics for supporting this important work.
Nancy Ly

Student Focus: Nancy Ly

Nancy Ly is graduating in 2022 and is just one of our amazing scholarship students.
Social Media and Recruiting

Social Media and Recruiting

From HR Daily Advisor
For anyone not already doing so, you may be interested to know that there are quite a few ways social media sites can be used during the recruiting process.