About Us

THE CANADIAN PRINTING INDUSTRIES SCHOLARSHIP TRUST FUND was initiated by the Canadian Printing Industries Association in 1971, through the efforts of a group of visionary printing industry executives. Since then, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated, as a result of the generosity of firms and individuals associated with the printing industries in Canada.

The Trust Fund exists exclusively for the benefit of the printing industries in Canada. The investment of capital and the disbursement of scholarship monies is solely at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Fund. The Trustees are made up of a dedicated group of recognized leaders of the printing industries in Canada.

The primary objective of the Fund is to attract the most talented young people available to the printing industry by providing financial assistance to them while they are enrolled in a graphic arts management or technical program. It is these same young people upon whom we must rely to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the printing industry in Canada.

Including the current school year, the Fund has provided scholarships to literally hundreds of students who met the necessary qualifications. A great many of these students have ended up being employed by either the industry executive who interviewed them, as part of the qualification process, or by one of the firms that made a donation to the Fund and hold senior management and operating positions in today’s industry. Many of these students also secured summer employment and gained practical experience under the same circumstances.

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The CPISTF provided a strong financial basis allowing me to maintain focus on my educational goals instead of worrying about external factors such as tuition. The support provided the necessary motivation to continue progressing and improving my educational status thus making me a better student.

Daniel Langsford

With consistent effort and determination from oneself as well as the vast support from the CPISTF, anyone including myself can be excited for a future in the printing industry and I thank you for that.

Veronica Annis

The scholarship allowed me to focus on my education and to challenge myself to do my best in a field I am passionate about by constantly dreaming of new projects to create.

Anita Wong